The Doge's Palace and Its Secret Itineraries

The Doge's Palace: In and behind the Halls of Power

palazzo e prigioni

Doge’s Palace and Prison

The Doge’s Palace, or Ducal Palace, was for centuries the seat of the Venetian government as well as the official residence of the Doge, the Head of State. The impressive, oriental-looking façade of this building encloses two very different and contrasting aspects with regards to its functions.

Most of the rooms and halls of the Doge’s Palace were lavishly decorated with true masterpieces by the greatest artists in town, the likes of Titian, Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto, and designed to leave a profound impression on all guests and attendees. As a matter of fact, they were actually the chambers where kings, ambassadors, and dignitaries of foreign states were welcomed and given audiences. Therefore, large oil paintings on canvas, frescoes, gilded frames, ancient clocks, and inscriptions decorate any single section of their their walls and ceilings. They display the political achievements, the conquests, the self-glorification, and the myth of the Republic of Venice.

Yet, alongside this magnificent public scenario, there existed a parallel and scheming world, often concealed behind wooden panels made of boxed-in and cramped offices, bleak and sinister prisons, as well as the notorious torture chamber. Indeed, the places of the state civil servants and important officers were not too far from the world of the prisoners.

Torture chamber

Torture chamber

This is an unforgettable tour of the Doge’s Palace. It will take you from the pomp of stately halls to the gloomy dungeons. From there, Casanova managed a legendary escape over the trusses that cover the ceiling of one of the largest rooms of all time, the Hall of the Major Council.

DURATION:2 hours

TOUR PRICE: € 170.00

ENTRANCE FEES: € 32.00; reduction: € 20.00

The tour price is for a party of 1 to 5 people, and doesn’t include admission fees.
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