Arsenale and Foreign Communities

The Arsenale and foreign Communities in the district of Castello: Greeks, Slavonians, and the Knights of Malta

The walls and towers of the Arsenale in Venice

Venice Old Shipyard

The Arsenale and foreign Communities with their confraternities characterized Castello, the first-largest district in Venice. The way Castello evolved is strictly related to the establishment of a state shipyard within that area: the Arsenale. Still standing in all its might, the Arsenale is an iconic image of the glorious past of the city, central to her role as both a maritime power and a trade centre.

This is where galleys and galleons were built and stored, a fleet that was the source of pride for the Venetian navy, and fundamental to her wealth and triumph. The area around the imposing walls encircling the Arsenale was once home mainly to shipbuilders, such as carpenters, caulkers, blacksmiths, and that has left a strong imprint in the entire neighborhood. Castello in fact doesn’t have the glamour of more central Venice and still presents a ‘working class’ character that makes it very varied, genuine, and unspoiled.

Dalmatian Fraternity

The tour of the Arsenale and Foreign Communities continues towards the area where in the past  members of foreign communities settled down and left memories of their presence and history. Discover the Church of San Giorgio, the oldest Greek Orthodox church in the West, and adjacent to the church the Scuola, the house of their confraternity. Close by is another gem, the Scuola of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, the confraternity of the Dalmatian community. This 16th century building still preserves its famous cycle of paintings by Vittore Carpaccio, depicting stories of the community’s patron saints. And around the corner, the seat of the Knights of Malta and the Campiello of the Friulani.

DURATION: 2 hours

TOUR PRICE: € 170.00

Scuola of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni: € 6.00 p.p

The tour price is for a party of 1 to 8 participants, and does not include admission fees.
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