Rialto Market and Frari Church

Discover the Rialto Market and Frari Church: from the market hustle and bustle to the emotion of art

Fruit and Vegetable market

The Rialto Market and Frari Church tour will first take you to explore the area of the old Rialto commercial area. Enjoy a stroll amongst the fish, the vegetable and fruit stalls, discovering the old edicts carved on the walls aimed at regulating the trade activities. The Rialto market is still one of the most fascinating places in the city for its colours and history. It was the centre of all the trade and financial activities of the city in the past, and today it is the commercial heart of Venice. To enjoy the tour at its best, consider visiting in the morning, Tuesday through Saturday.

As we leave the market, we shall take you through alleyways and across bridges in the district of San Polo to reach the monumental Frari Church (Friars). The church was part of the most important and largest Franciscan monastery in the city and is a veritable casket of artistic treasures. Artists like Canova, Paolo Veneziano, Bartolomeo Vivarini etc. can be admired inside. One cannot help feeling touched by the tender beauty of the Virgin Mary painted by Giovanni Bellini in his triptych.

Church of Frari

The Frari’s Church

Above all, Titian’s Assumption is undoubtedly the artist’s masterpiece, dominating the church from the main altar with an extraordinary symphony of colors. This painting, commissioned by the Franciscans, was an innovative work that consecrated Titian to the Olympus of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance!

DURATION: 2 hours

TOUR PRICE: € 160.00

ENTRANCE FEES: Frari’s Church € 5.00 p.p.; reductions: € 2.00

The tour price  is for a party of 1 to 8 people, and doesn’t include admission fees. 
Should your party have more than 8 participants, please contact us for a quote.


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