A guided tour in Venice, why?

A guided tour is the key. Venice is a complex territory, built on a cluster of islands. It is a veritable architectural labyrinth on water, a mirage between the land and the sea, surrounded by a living, everchanging lagoon.

Riding across its waters means to venture into a succession of innumerable canals, sandbanks, mudflats, and villages. It is an environment rich in vegetation, populated by over a hundred species of birds, and hosting a varied marine and lagoon fauna.

In the midst of this extraordinary setting lies Venice, a city with a unique, fascinating, millennial history and of an absolute, inimitable, overwhelming beauty. A surprising combination of styles have transformed it over time into an extraordinary architectural hive, still almost intact after centuries, in which very fortunate people live, surrounded by art, beauty, and nature.

Venice challenges you. Its true soul is locked up safely. You need special keys to open it. Give us the privilege to be your mentors in Venice.

Venice with a Guide

Venice with a Guide is a team of eight certified guides, qualified for the city of Venice and its lagoon: Caterina, Cinzia, Corine, Elisabetta, Emanuela, Diana, Laura and Rita.

We are experts in Venetian History, Art and Culture, and we are ready to unveil Venice’s countless treasures to curious travellers. We know the history of Venice Lagoon and are familiar with its special environment. Our guided tours are designed for individual customers, families, groups and can be tailored to your interests: exclusive itineraries to help you discover Venice and its Lagoon.

Book your guided tour in Venice choosing from our wide range of proposals: exclusive walks, unusual circuits and excursions in search of the most hidden and fascinating spots.

We guarantee professionalism and a high quality service.

Sustainable Tourism

Venice with a Guide share the values and the philosophy of the project Venice Guides for Sustainable Tourism