The Accademia Galleries: A Must-See

Light and Colors in Five Centuries of Venetian Painting

accademia galleries

Accademia Galleries

The Accademia Galleries host an outstanding collection of Venetian masterpieces within an old architectural complex comprising three buildings: a large, secularized church, the former house of the confraternity of Santa Maria della Carità and a monastery designed by Andrea Palladio. Following the Napoleonic suppressions, the whole complex was converted into the Academy of Fine Arts. Today, it preserves the most important and comprehensive collection of the artworks of Venetian masters. The Accademia Galleries are an absolute must to understand the full development of Venetian painting, as they well illustrate the evolution and characteristics of the local masters’ style.

Many were the great artists that over the centuries adorned the city with wonderful works imbued with light and color, a quality that has distinguished the Venetian school of painting since its very origins. From the 14th century Byzantine-style Madonnas to the spectacular large canvasses by Gentile Bellini and Carpaccio depicting miraculous events in the Venice of their time. From the touching humanity of Giovanni Bellini’s sacred representations to the revolutionary genius of Giorgione. The most famed  are Titian, Jacopo Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese: the three veritable protagonists of the Venetian Renaissance.

Giorgione The tempest

Giorgione The Tempest

Finally, the immense creativity of the 18th century marks the end of an extraordinary production and will conclude your encounter with artists as unique as the city that inspired them: the large scale frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo, the views by Canaletto and Guardi, Pietro Longhi’s charming social life scenes of his time, Rosalba Carriera’s pastel portraits.

DURATION: 2 hours

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ENTRANCE FEES: €  12.00;
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