I am Venetian, and graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature. I love art, poetry, film and sport. My sense of adventure has taken me all over Europe and I have lived and worked in Russia, Great Britain, France and Egypt. My greatest passion? Venice, its history and traditions, its artistic and architectural treasures, its secrets, its fantastic atmosphere and the vision of its mysterious light, an unrepeatable and unique experience for all who witness it. I am here to guide you through this magic place!!


I graduated in Japanese Language and Literature and lived in Japan for a number of years. I am attracted to all cultures, particularly those of the Far East. My main interests are ceramics, cats, good cooking (and it shows!) and of course travelling. But the travels that interest me the most are those through the city of Venice. It is a relatively small city, but it contains a thousand other worlds. It is a pleasure to rediscover them every day and above to all to help others discover them.


I was born in the South of France and after studying in Britain and Canada I obtained my French National Guide licence. In 1985 I became a Venetian citizen. I have recently worked for the Biennale at the Venice Film Festival and I have never stopped studying and learning about what has become my hometown. This passion is now my work, which I transmit with enthusiasm to all those who wish to visit the artistic and cultural treasures of Venice.


I was born in Venice, where I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature before travelling around Europe, curious about and fascinated by different cultures. This passion led to me working as a tour leader in the travel industry for over twenty years before becoming a registered guide. I accompany small groups, families and children with a passion equal only to that for my city and its traditions.


I was born in Britain and graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Venice. I have worked in the tourist industry for many years, and I still love my work, which I think is fascinating and interesting, particularly in a city such as mine. I love animals, I am interested in post-colonial literature, and am happy to work with children.


I was born in Venice and graduated in Modern Languages and Literature. I have spent long periods in Britain and Spain and love travelling, art, history, cinema, good food and swimming in the winter sea. Before becoming a professional guide, I taught English, worked as a translator for the Venice Film Festival and was involved with UNESCO in presenting a seminar on the history of Venice for short-term visitors to the city, the proceeds of which went to funding restoration projects.


I was born in Venice. I love dancing and water. Studying the art and history of my city was a wonderful challenge and continues to be so today due to the infinite treasures it holds. I have worked on a BBC programme promoting tourism to Venice and for the National Geographic Television on a documentary regarding environmental problems in the Venetian lagoon. Venice is my office: it moves with me and I move within it, and it contains a lot of drawers that I am yet to open. I would like to take you through the invisible streets of the city to help you discover new spaces that you never imagined existed.


I graduated in History, concentrating my studies on Venetian and Byzantine art and history. I lived in the United States for two years and since 1979 I have worked in the tourist industry as an interpreter and guide. I love travelling and local cuisine, the sea, nature, animals, and 60s and 70s pop and rock. Over the years I have organised and held weekly meetings in English on Venetian history and art, offering the proceeds to art restoration projects carried out by UNESCO in Venice.