Venice Naval Museum and real Venetian Life

Venice Naval Museum: the captivating history of Venice Maritime Power and a Plunge into Real Venetian Life

Venice Naval Museum is one of those rare charming old fashioned museums that unfortunately most visitors miss out. In fact, one shouldn’t be taken in by its appearance. This “old captain” can offer an incredible array of treasures! Its collection features a real profusion of precious naval memorabilia. Above all, you can dmire  models of old ships and traditional fishing boats, old maps, cannons, and Peggy Guggenheim’s own gondola. Furthermore, you will see the only existing model of the Bucintoro, the Doge’s sumptuous ceremonial galley decorated with velvets and gold. The original one was sadly destroyed by Napoleon. The Venice Naval Museum is  right outside the massive walls of the Arsenale, the old State Shipyard. This visit is therefore the perfect way to re-live the glorious history of Venice maritime power.

The neighbourhood outside the museum intertwines with the spacious and vibrant Via Garibaldi, one of the fewest areas in the city where residents outnumber tourists. Here you can find all sorts of local shops with normal prices for normal people. You will see the washing hanging on an endless network of lines above your head, and fishing nets outside the doorways.Along the street there are a lot of local eateries, and at the end you will find a boat selling fruit and vegetables: a charming image of what Venice can and should be.

TOUR PRICE: € 150,00

Venice Naval Museum is open from Monday to Saturday only in the morning


The tour price is not per person. It is for a party of 1 to 8 participants, and does not include admission fees or transportation costs when applicable. Admission fees to monuments and sites are expressed per person.
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