Safeguard Venice from Floods: the Interventions

The Lagoon system and the works implemented to safeguard Venice from floods

How can we safeguard Venice from floods? Are Venice and her lagoon doomed? Is Venice sinking? Why is Venice hit by floods more frequently than in the past? What is the MOSE system?

After the disastrous flood of November 4th 1966, the Italian State approved an articulate plan to safeguard Venice from floods. The plan of interventions have included the requalification and regeneration of the lagoon, the defence of islands shores and the reinforcement of the coastal line. Last but not least, the plan implemented the construction of the MOSE, a system of mobile gates located in the three inlets between the sea and the lagoon that will protect Venice from extraordinary high tides.

Again, the night of November 12th 2019, Venice and all the residents faced a catastrophic flood, the second worst ever, while the Mose system was not yet ready to be activated. More pressure was placed on the project and at the moment the gates are being tested and have been successfully activated 10 times at the moment of writing. This visit will give you an understanding of what action has been currently undertaken for the safeguard of Venice, as well as a deep insight of the environment where the city lies, its complex problems and the challenges that have always undermined its very existence and required projects also in the past. The tour can also include a boat ride to one of the 3 inlets.


We suggest a 3-hour visit.

The tour can also include a boat ride to one of the 3 inlets.

PRICE: Quotations upon request

PLEASE NOTE: This visit is flexible and can be structured to match your specific requirements and interests, including also an excursion by boat across the lagoon to one of the construction sites where the Mose system has been implemented.