First Time in Venice

St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Church (with priority access), and a pleasant stroll through backstreets, bridges and canals.

First time in Venice? You have to start off your visit with us at St. Mark’s Square. Long the social, political and religious centre of the Serenissima Republic, the piazza is framed by some of the most outstanding buildings in the city.

Let us unfold the history and role of these stately monuments and lead you inside St. Mark’s Basilica, so to admire its unique interior draped with golden mosaics and precious marbles. On the north side of the Basilica stands the Clocktower enclosing the golden and blue enamelled faceclock marking the time, the constellations and the moon phases.

The Belltower dominates the whole space around: after crashing down in 1902, it was reconstructed “as it looked and where it stood”. During your first time in Venice you cannot miss to enjoy the panoramic view from its top. We can book the ascent by elevator for you, so as to avoid waiting on a line.

Heading towards the Piazzetta San Marco fronting St. Mark’s Basin, we shall admire the two stunning architectural structures skirting the space which welcomed all visitors to the city: the Ducal Palace, once the seat of the Venetian government and on the opposite side, the Marciana Library, designed by Jacopo Sansovino. The two imposing granite columns crowned with the symbols of the Venetian State, St. Mark’s lion and St. Theodore, stand up as a triumphant entrance to the square, and further down are the Dungeons and the Bridge of Sighs.

As we leave St Mark’s Square square behind us, we shall appreciate a more intimate aspect of the city, peaceful and quite different, where silence is broken by the sound of your footsteps and the splash of the gondoliers oars against the water in the quiet and small canals.

DURATION: 2 hours.

TOUR PRICE: € 170.00

ENTRANCE FEES: St. Mark’s Church: € 6.00 p.p (skip-the-line)

The tour price is for a party of 1 to 8 people, and doesn’t include admission fees. 
Should your party have more than 8 participants, please contact us for a quote.

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