The Salute Church and Dorsoduro
A walk through a quaint and peaceful neighbourhood and a magnificent Baroque Church connected with plague and devotion In 1348, Europe was struck by the first disastrous epidemic of the black plague killing one tenth of the population. More outbreaks were to follow in later centuries. In 1630, after a catastrophic pestilence, the Senate decreed to build a temple dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, so as to express the population’s gratitude for the cease of the plague and to instil new hope. In 1631 Venetian architect Baldassare Longhena began the construction of Madonna della Salute, a church which soon became a city landmark and is considered the most extraordinary example of Venetian Baroque architecture. Following its completion, an annual festival was instituted, still celebrated to this day. The church is situated on a very scenic location from where you can enjoy a stunning view over the Grand Canal and St. Mark’s basin. This is the easternmost point of Dorsoduro, one of the most popular residential areas for wealthy foreigners in 1800: we will be pleased to accompany you on a pleasant walk to disclose the charming corners of this area away from the crowd.
Duration: 2 hrs
Tour price: € 160,00
Entrance fees
Church Sacristy: € 6,00 p.p
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