The grandeur of state: Saint Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the Basilica of Saint Mark
Sottotitolo This visit is a must and will take you to the heart of Venetian institutions. For centuries Saint Mark’s Square acted as the backdrop to the State’s main activities. A tour of the magisterial rooms at the Doge’s Palace, once the site of the Serenissima government, offers an insight into this efficient and fascinating political machine. Admire the paintings extolling the Myth of Venice, its conquests and diplomatic successes. Relive the pomp and ceremony of one of Europe’s most prestigious capitals.

The Basilica of St MarkThe Basilica of Saint Mark, now the city’s cathedral, was once both the Ducal Chapel and a reflection of State magnificence. You’ll be dazzled by its golden mosaics and precious marble, the Pala d’Oro and famous horses, works of art that have turned the church into one of the most beautiful monuments in the world.
Duration: 2 hours
Tour price: For a private party of 1 to 8 people: 160,00 € (flat rate) + entrance fees

Larger groups: quote on request
Entrance fees
Doge's Palace:
Adults: € 30,00
reductions: € 15,00
(students and senior E.U. citizens over 65 - I.D. or passport required)

Pala d'Oro: € 1,50
Museum of the Basilica of Saint Mark: € 3,00
Please Note
The tour price is not per person, it is for a party of 1 to 8 participants, and does not include admission fees or transportation costs when applicable.
Admission fees to monuments and sites are expressed per person.
Should your party exceed 8 participants, please contact us for a quote.
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