Practicalities // Alcune regole di comportamento
Venice is an art city, and as such suitable and respectful clothing is recommended. Walk bare chested, as well as littering, sitting and eating in undesignated areas, are liable to a fine.
When visiting churches you should make sure your clothing is appropriate: make sure your shoulders are covered and avoid very short trousers or skirts (down-to-the-knee is acceptable).It’s no possible to visit the churches during Masses.

For security reasons, backpacks, bulky bags, as well as drinks are not allowed inside churches or museums. Most sites have deposits or lockers  where you can check in your belongings free of charge.  
Venice is virtually “crime-free”. However, remember that pickpockets know exactly that they can act almost undisturbed in the crowd when tourists are not paying attention! Make sure you keep you purse somewhere safe!
Shops are open from 9.30am till 7.30pm, except groceries which close from 1.00pm till 5.00pm and on Wednesday afternoon
In season (from March to October) they are open on Sunday
In Venice you can buy unique glass, beautiful lace, paper maché masks, stationary and typical biscuits.
In Venice today we have about 430 gondolas ruled by different cooperatives.
A regular price for a gondola ride is approximately 80/90 euros up to 6 people.
The price is per gondola and not per person.
Sunset is the best moment for a gondola ride.
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