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Venice can be charming all year round in all its seasons.
If you wish to have detailed information about the weather conditions in Venice,  check in on the web:
Winters  in Venice can be quite cold and damp, yet not necessarily rainy. At times the city can be enveloped in a thick fog, but that adds to the romantic, mysterious charm of the city. At this time of year you won’t find crowds of tourists and you will find several convenient offers and packages to enjoy the city more. The only inconvenience could be “acqua alta”, that is the occurence of high tides that might flood parts of the city.
If you wish to find out more about this, check the web-site of Venice Municipality (Comune di Venezia):
Springs  may have rain and the temperature is mild and pleasant. Make sure you pack an umbrella and a raincoat! When planning your visit, remember that May is one of the busiest months.
Summers are hot and humid. This is certainly the most crowded time to visit Venice, with thousands of visitors arriving in the city in the early morning hours and leaving in the late afternoon. After dark, the city gets quite again, the temperature is pleasant and for those who decide to stay overnight it will be a unique experience!
Autumns/Falls are usually mild but rain should be expected. Again, this is when the city can be affected by the occurrence of high tides. Don’t forget to pack your “wellies”!
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